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Sept. 20, 2008

Dear, Jason and Michelle

I just thought I would send you some fairly recent pictures of Chuckie (Gizmo). Chuckie is an absuletely wonderful dog and a joy to have. We are really considering buying a female pretty soon, not for breeding but just another family addition. We will be in contact when we are ready. Thank you very much for such a wonderful dog.

Russ Holder and family, CA

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September 3, 2008

Hi Jason and Michelle! 

Just wanted to give you an update on Brewster (a/k/a Gizmo) to let you know that he has settled nicely into his new home.  I am so in love with him!  He's sitting under my feet as I type this.  I cannot thank you enough for bringing this puppy into my life.  He is so beautiful, healthy and loveable!  He has been a very good pup.  He has had only one accident inside since I brought him home.  I can't believe how well he has done for a puppy his age.  You were right that he was probably housebroken already!  He has been sleeping well at night, too.  He only wakes up once to go outside, then he sleeps the rest of the night.  He sleeps in our bedroom, and his little soft snoring is so sweet.  I'm sure that will get louder in time!  Ha!  I will surely buy another puppy from you; hopefully before the end of the year!  Your dogs and pups are superb quality!!  Again, thanks so much for Brewster!  I'll send pics of him as he grows!


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August 24, 2008

Jason, Michelle, & Chase,

Just wanted to say thanks again so much for helping make our Bully dreams come true. He has already won this big ol' family's hearts. He indignantly declared his right to the bed last night, much to our delight. Herschel has the best temperment that we could have ever hoped for, and we all are so incredibly happy with him. His daddy gets promoted to Gunny in a few days, a ceremony in which he will definately be a part of and melt even the hardest Marine heart. Pictures will be on thier way to ya'll soon, and many belated Happy BDay wishes to Chase!!

Sincerely, The Knudson Family
Lance, Becky, Chase, Reagan, Jaiden, Faith, Herschel

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July 28, 2008

Hello Longley Gang,

It's been a little while since I've had time to send pictures and to give you an update on Grumman (aka Walton). We had his birthday party 7-7-08 and thought you might like to see his party pictures. We didn't get any pictures of him in his baby pool but he sure loves playing in it - it keeps him cool too! 

He has been so much fun! We just love him. He weighs about 60 lbs and pure muscle. If he runs into you - you feel it. The vet said he is very healthy and at a good weight. He loves to take walks but it's been too hot lately, but if you grab the car keys he "bullies" his way out the door to go.  

Well I'm sure Chase is keeping you busy by now - along with all of the puppies (I keep watching out for a little girl pup on your website). We hope you all are doing well - and when we find the right puppy we will be giving you guys a call!!!   

Take care and God Bless

Beth Cook

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July 21, 2008

Hello Jason and Michelle!

Here are some pictures of our lovely Turks.  These are pics from my phone, so they're not the best quality, but you get the idea.  I'll send the others off the camera when I get my act together.  ;) 

Well, as you can imagine, he is the BEST!  The world stops when this puppy is around.  EVERYONE, even non-dog people, stop and tell me how CUTE he is.  "That is the cutest bulldog I've ever seen" is not an uncommon comment.  I tell my roommate that she needs to take him to the dog park (or anywhere really) because she could really pick up some guys with Turks!!!

He is growing everyday.  Sometimes I look at him and think - he grew overnight!  You can really tell from the third picture how big he's getting.  I don't know how much he weighs right now, but he's at least 20 lbs (at about 13 weeks). 

He has the best temperament.  He is curious and brave but just a little cautious (he doesn't just run into dumb and dangerous situations), and he is loving and very easy going.  When I put his shirt on, he barely notices!  He also has learned everything very quickly.  He can sit, stay, lay down, and give me five.  He also LOVES other dogs.  He could play with Mia, his shih tzu sister, ALL day and never stop.  And when he meets new dogs, he has new friends for life. 

I could not have asked for a more perfect pup.  Thank you so much for your careful and conscientious breeding and for creating such a wonderful creature!!!  AND thank you for helping me pick him out.  He's perfect.  You certainly have a glowing recommendation from me and Stephen.  You're the best! 

Lastly, I hope you both are doing well!  I imagine you are as busy as ever, I see how many puppies you've got around right now, and I know you were working on new kennels and such.  I wish you the best. Say hello to Chase (and to Georgia) for me, and I'll send you later updates. 

Take care!

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June 28, 2008

Hello Jason and Michelle!

We just wanted to give you an update on Buster and some new photos. We hope everything is going well with you and your family! Buster is now 6 months old, 50 pounds, and as adorable as ever. He just got neutered last week but it doesn't seem to bother him any, he's still very happy and loving. Our apartment looks like a pet store with all the toys we get him, he's definitely spoiled. He has also been called the "Prettiest Bulldog in Camden County" by his vet, and she sees just about all the bulldogs here. We always get so many compliments on him and we think he is definitely a show stopper. He loves to be outside and sit in the chair on the porch to watch traffic go by, he even figured out how to climb the chair railing to get in the chair himself (we have included a picture of him in "his" chair). He is super smart. Thank you again for your wonderful, quality breeding. He is precious and we wouldn't change him for the world!

Hope and Chris Burdette

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April 4, 2008


Hey Jason and Michelle!

We've had Paxton for a little over a month now and he has been renamed Buster. Buster is so funny and has a great personality! Everyone thinks he looks like a stuffed animal and wants to take him home! He is very healthy, happy and spoiled. He has also picked up training well. He sits, lays down, crawls, comes and stays. He even sits by the door when he needs to potty. He is such a great dog and was our best man at our wedding. We have attached pictures of him from the wedding. He is getting so big now! He is over 21 pounds already but still super adorable. Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs and allowing us to have this bundle of joy in our lives.


Hope and Christopher Burdette

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Daisy Mae

June 19, 2008

Dear Jason & Michelle

I wanted to share the latest picture of Ginger; and now named "Daisy Mae". She is seven months old and I am very happy of her strong confirmation.

She has great personality and very compact type of english bulldog. Your love of the breed and experiences speaks for itself. The QUALITY OF CARE  you put into this breed is worth every penny.

I won't mind doing business with you again in the future.


Leo Doletina

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Buster & Moe

May 30, 2008

Hi Jason and Michelle,

Charlie and I just wanted to send you a little note and let you know how "our boys" (Buster and Moe) are doing. We are so in love with them and cannot believe we have only had them for 2 1/2 months! It seems as though they have been here forever. They are so adorable and smart and keep us in stitches all the time. The boys are so funny to watch with the grand daughters.They are potty trained and they also sleeping well. They are my alarm clock every morning at 6:00. I don't know how they know what time it is but they do! They just come into the room and sit and stare at me until I get up. Then it's playtime..We changed Brady's name to Buster, and we see that a few more have done the Buster thing.. They are happy boys!!

Thank you so much, Jeannie and Charlie Woodham

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Buster (aka Dude)

May 28,2008


Buster been great and got a clean bill of health yesterday from the vet.  He has a perfect temperament and Jennifer nearly peed herself when she first saw him on Saturday.  She hasn't left him since.  Jennifer wanted Buster over Jasper so that his name. We are already talking about another one in 6 months. 

Thanks for the great family addition,


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May 25, 2008

Just a note to let you know how BOBO aka Caesar is doing. He is very happy and spoiled and get more attention than I do. He has become a very important part of the Warren clan. . None of us could imagine life without Caesar. He is joy to have around. He always has a way to make us smile. We all love our Caesar!!! I promise you pics to come. We would be more than happy to give you any reference you need at any time. We'll be in touch,


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Buster Brown

May 13, 2008

Dear Jason,

The Brown family of Tyrone, Georgia would like to update you on how Buster has fit into our family.  The ride home was an hour and 4o minutes (construction gummed us up) and Buster rode home snuggled in his blanket and did not make one whimper the whole trip!

When we got home he walked into his new home just like he owned the place and has been an exceptionally good boy since.  He is well mannered and does not whimper though he chews on any and everything, we count that off to being a bulldog puppy.  We laugh when each other receives his or her "love puncture" from Buster. 

We registered him with the AKC under the name of Buster Bartholomew Brown.  Everyone gets a kick out of calling him Buster Brown!  His vet is very impressed with the high quality of his breeding and has been very complimentary of Buster and your kennel.  I gave him one of your cards as he (Dr. Rip) is very fond of the English Bulldog breed.  Buster is everyone's love at the vet's office and in our neighborhood!  He really has a very sweet and loving and obedient disposition.  He is going to be a large, and very handsome dog just like his father Peanut who in his own right is an exquisite animal! 

Just thought I would send you a picture for your website for an owner picture from the Brown family with Buster.  Love, Love, Love your website, it is a feel-good website and very well done!  Your new babies are amazingly cute and distinct.

Thank you Jason for working with me in obtaining Buster.  I hated leaving Cassie behind though...she is a sweet-heart, they all are!  You have an amazing operation there in Covington, Georgia and I am so fortunate to have met you and your family and your bulldogs!  Buster is wonderful, we love him very much.  He is very happy, healthy, and settled in.  

I will send you some business when I can.  I have a lot of people asking me about Buster and where I got him. Hope you and your 'entire' family are well!

Most sincerely,
Holly Brown

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The Ford Family

May 8, 2008

Jason and Michelle are a gift to the business of dog breeders. They actually care about the dogs AND the families they go to. They educate and enlighten the families who work with them. The puppies we have bought from them have been such a gift to our family. They are so well bred.

As a consumer who bought a bulldog from a less reputable breeder, I am absolutely amazed at the difference in temperament. Our Puppychase dogs are kind and incredibly gentle to our children. They literally sleep at my feet every night. They are truly a testament to the love and care that they were given as puppies. We are just so grateful to have these amazing dogs and people in our lives!

Drs. Tonya and Edward Ford and Family

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May 8, 2008

Jason and Michelle,

I trust everything is going well and you guys are getting ready for the warmer summer months.  Things on our end are going well. Gilda (aka Babyface) is doing great!  She's really getting big, about 40 lbs.

I wanted to pass along some pics we took a few weeks ago.  Cara wanted to plant flowers up on our deck and Gilda decided she wanted to help by destroying a planter.  She was certainly proud of her accomplishments!

Keith and Cara

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Bella - Feb. 2007 and March 2008

March 24, 2008

I think it's safe to say Bella is well taken care of and having a lot of fun.

Lily Young

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March 24, 2008

Hi Michelle and Jason,

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Sasha is doing great. She is in love with our male bully, Meatball and they have a good time playing and sleeping together. Olive, my female, isn't quite sure why or how another bulldog appeared in “her house,” but she is being very polite and loving to Sasha. My daughter, Coco, loves Bella, and says that if you have a hard time finding her a home and she misses her sister, Sasha, please, give us a call. I'll send pictures soon. Thank you again for such a gem of a dog.

Amy Barrett

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Bola and Sassy


March 22, 2008

Dear Michelle & Jason,

Here are pictures of my babies. I hope to see them on the web site. Sassy is getting big!


The Gallardo's

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March 10, 2008


Just wanted to say thank you so much.  She is wonderful.  She is a first for us and very different from any type of dog we have ever raised.  Her skull and bone structure in her front legs is incredible.  She was VERY tired when we picked her up.  Sarah's kids wore her out.  We didn't get to see any personality until today.  She is just precious. 

Thanks again,
Karen & Tom

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March 5, 2008

Hey Jason and Michelle,

Just sending you some pictures of Dozer. He seems to be doing very well! We take him everyday to a puppy school to play with other pups for an hour. He seems to want to be the boss, but what bulldog doesn't. He will be starting puppy kindergarten March 13th. We will stay in touch, and let you know how he does. Thanks again!

Michele and Brian from PA

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Chloe (and Daisy Mae)

March 4, 2008

After several months of continuous love and care of "Chloe," I thought of sending you these fabulous picture on how she turned out. She is over 7 months old now and thank God she never had any health issue. Your hard work and love for the breed speaks for itself from the very beginning.

Ginger as well is growing fast and has a very nice conformation. Her new name now is "Daisy Mae." I will keep you informed of how well she does over the next 9 months. Its been a great pleasure doing business with you.

Sincerely Yours
Leo Doletina

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Feb. 20, 2008

Sorry it took so long to send pictures, but here they are. Max (Bullwinkle) is so wonderful and we are so happy he is a part of our family now. We will keep in touch and send more pictures as he grows.                                   

Howard and Crystal Elmore

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Feb. 19, 2008

Hi you guys,

Here are some pictures of Lexie (left) and her sister Mia. She is doing great and I couldn't love her more!  I hope all is well with you and the baby. Talk to you soon.                   


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January 24, 2008

Jason & Michelle,

WOW! What a dog! We have loved having Hunter as part of our family. My kids have absolutely loved him. He is doing exceptionally well with the potty training. We have only had one big accident.

I have to say, Bulldogs are the best. I have attached a few pictures. As you can see, Hunter loves the snow. I do have a question, is 9 weeks old to young for a bath?


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January 2, 2008

I recently contacted www.puppychase.com regarding one of their pup's named REX (see more photos of Rex). I was contacted by the owners Jason & Michelle who were not only extremely nice but also very informative. After several conversations via email and phone, my wife and I took a flight to Atlanta to pick out our new puppy and see the conditions of the kennels. Again Jason & Michelle were extremely nice inviting us over to their house and showing us all the dogs in their Kennel. Finally our overall experience at Puppychase Kennels was so amazing that my wife and I had to purchase our newest baby from Jason & Michelle. If you purchase a puppy from puppychase.com you can't go wrong!!

Thanks again Jason and Michelle for everything.

Andres & Aileen Valdes

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